NYC Trip — April 22 to April 24

Join us from April 22 to April 24 for a trip to New York City.
Price: There is a $35 fee for arranging your trip. The rest of the cost depends on what shows you want to see and where you’ll stay.

We will be staying Friday, 4/22/11 and Saturday, 4/23/11 with an option to stay Sunday night, 4/25/11. We will be checking out on Sunday and returning home Sunday night on the 7:00 p.m. Tripper bus. Others have made their own travel arrangements. You can decide which shows you want to see. I will create a schedule catered to you.

RSVP to Joel by email ( or phone (703.447.8805).

Cabaret — Saturday, March 19

Join us on Saturday, March 19 at 5:00 p.m. at Joel’s building in North Bethesda for a potluck and screening of Cabaret.
Price: Bring a dish + $15 (check) /$18 (Paypal).

We will have a potluck and viewing of Cabaret. Cabaret is a 1972 musical film directed by Bob Fosse and starring Liza Minnelli, Michael York and Tony Winner Joel Grey. The film is set in Berlin during the Weimar republic in 1931, under the ominous presence of the growing nationalist Socialist Party. The film is loosely based on the 1966 Broadway musical Cabaret by John Kander and Fredd Ebb, which was adapted from The Berlin Stories of Christopher Isherwood and the play I Am a Camera.

RSVP to Joel by email ( or phone (703.447.8805).

Ragtime — Sunday, February 13

Join us on Sunday, February 13 at 2:00 p.m. at Georgetown Prep’s Figge Theatre to see Act Two @ Levine’s Ragtime.
Price: $23 for members and $26 for non-members.

Ragtime tells the story of three groups in America, represented by Coalhouse Walker Jr., a Harlem musician; Mother, the matriarch of a WASP family in New Rochelle, NY; and Tateh, a Latvian Jewish immigrant.

RSVP to Joel by email ( or phone (703.447.8805).

Into the Woods Potluck — Saturday, January 22

Join us on Saturday, January 22 at 5:30 p.m. at Joel’s building in North Bethesda for a potluck and screening of Into the Woods.
Price: Bring a dish + $15 (check) /$18 (Paypal).

We will have a potluck and viewing of PBS’ wonderful version of Stephen Sondheim’s Into The Woods to celebrate his 80th birthday! Depending on how many sign up, we can have the event in The Rooftop Party Room, or in the conference room, and then watch the show in the theatre which holds 20 people.

Dress up as your favorite character from Into The Woods and win a prize!

RSVP to Joel by email ( or phone (703.447.8805).

A Broadway Christmas Carol — Sunday, December 12

Join us on Sunday, December 12 at 2:15 p.m. at MetroStage to see A Broadway Christmas Carol.
Price: $38 for members and $41 for non-members.

A delicious holiday treat, A Broadway Christmas Carol tells the classic Dickens’ tale with uproarious parodies of your favorite Broadway show tunes.

RSVP to Joel by email ( or phone (703.447.8805).

The Odd Couple — Sunday, November 14

Join us on Sunday, November 14 at 3:00 p.m. at Theater J to see The Odd Couple.
Price: $36 for members, $40 for non-members.

In this Tony Award-winning comic masterpiece, Neil Simon created two of the most memorable characters in the history of Broadway and broadcast television. With the help of four high-strung poker buddies and two British biddies coming in from upstairs, slovenly Oscar tries to mend his recently-divorced friend Felix’s broken heart.

RSVP to Joel by email ( or phone (703.447.8805).

Theatre Weekend in Philadelphia — Friday, October 22 to Sunday, October 24

Join the Ushers and Broadway Bound Meetup in Philadelphia October 22-24 for a theatre weekend and enjoy the city, great food, and great company. The available shows are:

  • Silverhill at Interact Theatre Company.
  • Macbeth at The Wilma Theater.
  • Three Penny Opera at The Arden Theatre Company.
  • Curtains at Walnut Street Theatre.

For more information or to RSVP, contact Joel by email ( or phone (703.447.8805). You may also find more information about the trip at Broadway Bound Meetup.

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