Ain’t Misbehavin’ — Saturday, August 20

Join us on Saturday, August 20 at 8:00 p.m. at Elden Street Players to see Ain’t Misbehavin’.
Price: $26 by check or $28 by paypal for members and $29/$32 for non-members

It’s closing night of The snazzy, jazzy, finger-snapping, toe-tapping Ain’t Misbehavin’ in the intimate Elden Street Players’ Industrial Strength Theatre in Herndon, VA.

For 20 years, my other social group The Ushers has ended its season watching ESP’s summer musical and our own Vonda McCrae reviewed the show for my website Maryland Theatre Guide and raved:

“For two hours, I really felt like I was in 1930’s Harem. I was disappointed when the show ended and I had to come back to the reality. ESP’s Ain’t Misbehavin’ is a ‘Must See’ theatrical event. So don’t forget to ‘Grab a jug an’ cut the rug, because that joint was really jumpin’’.

We’ll also be having dinner at 5:30 PM at Taste of the World if you wish to attend.

RSVP to Joel by email ( or phone (703.447.8805).

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